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Welcome to Living The Right Way! Here's what you'll get from this site:​

  • How to create various streams of income, especially online
  • How to exponentially grow your social media accounts and leverage them for income
  • How to improve your photography and your editing
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    How to create a great work/life balance that gives you more time and money
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     How to enjoy the great outdoors and explore all things nature
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    An insight into life in Japan from an Australian perspective

​I'll also talk about how I built my Instagram accounts from scratch with a system you can easily ​copy. And how I got over 1 million answer views on Quora within 12 months and used them to create another stream of income.

For all my posts in specific categories, just scroll down this page a little to find all the latest updates and insights. For in​fo on my step-by-step guide on building Instagram accounts and monetising them, just click this link here.

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