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Welcome to Living The Right Way! As a 1st time husband, 1st time father, and 1st time home owner in my 40's I thought 'wow, I need to do something to pay off all my debts and start enjoying my days'. So I started exploring the world of earning online and wow, what a ride!

I've been doing this for just under 2 years now and I've managed to: 

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    build over 100,000 total Instagram followers across 5 accounts 
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    turn my passion for photography into a great side-income
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    make over $10,000 from my very first self-published e-book 

And I want to share everything that I do with you so that you can do it too.​

Scroll down a little further to see all my latest blog posts and I hope to see you here again. And make sure to follow me on whatever social media platform you prefer so we can interact in a more friendly way. 

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