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the best internet marketing training for beginners

The Best Internet Marketing Training For Beginners – Wealthy Affiliate

Have you ever ​set up a website ​in the hope of turning ​your passions into some kind of income? Then watched as ​it miserably failed coz no one bought from you or visited your site? A lot of us have​. Including me.

That's why I want to introduce you to ​Wealthy Affiliate today. It has the best internet marketing training for beginners​ by a country mile and is the perfect place for inexperienced people to build their own websites ​that are ​set up to ​succeed and make real money. ​I love it.

​​Specifically I'll talk about:

  • ​The unrivaled training and certification courses you get with the Wealthy Affiliate program
  • The Google and search engine ranking help you get with the included keywords tool
  • The incredible community support ​Wealthy Affiliate gives you
  • The 24/7 live support you get
  • The earning possibilities through the affiliate program you get with WA
  • The included features you get with Wealthy Affiliate that help with security and ranking
  • A comparison ​between Wealthy Affiliate and WordPress itself
  • ​Testimonials and feedback from current Wealthy Affiliate users

​​Wealthy Affiliate ​​Training Courses

best internet marketing training for beginners

The first training that you do is the certification courses. If you've never set up a website before, or failed in your past endeavours​, or you just want some support ​so you know that you're moving in the right direction, the Certificate courses are the perfect place for you to start. 

As you can see in the pic above, there are actually about 150 lessons in there across five levels that take you through step-by-step videos and written instructions. This means you can go at your own pace, with all the help in the world right there in front of you.

The courses are so thorough and helpful and are one of the reasons Wealthy Affiliate really is seen as the best internet marketing ​training for beginners. Of course, you don't need to do all 150 lessons if you don't want - but they are there whenever you need them.

The help is designed specifically to help you find you niche and set up a website catered to monetizing your specific interests. It doesn't matter what niche you're in, the training and courses here are suitable.

The Best Internet Marketing Training For Beginners

​​It's also perfect for affiliate marketing and learning how to take advantage of all the opportunities online right now. ​The video courses also teach you about finding the appropriate affiliate networks you can use to promote your niche area, such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, or LinkShare to name a few.

This is different from Digital Altitude, where you focus specifically on the Digital Altitude system, and the Digital Altitude products only. They can work together very well, but they are slightly different in nature.

If you're not interested in going that far ​so soon, the Wealthy Affiliate certification courses still teach you exactly how to set up a WordPress site that is optimized for monetization should you ever wish to explore that option down the track. ​

The training here really is a one-stop shop for everything you need to get going the right way if you are genuinely interested in creating a website that can become an income. Hands down it's the best internet marketing training for beginners.

​Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Courses

best internet marketing training for beginners

The Boot Camp courses are a continuation of the certification courses. The difference is that they assume you have been through the certification courses and got your site set up and optimized. 

Once your site is ready and is live and is actually working then you can go into the Boot​camp courses. They delve far deeper into laser targeted strategies for making money from your website.

There are ​7 phases and over 200 lessons. As a free Wealthy Affiliate member you can go through the first phase, at your own pace. Again, there are video walk-throughs, user ​ comments and feedback, plus written instructions. 

The​ Bootcamp Courses just cement the idea that ​Wealthy ​Affiliate is without doubt the best ​internet marketing training for beginners by a country mile. No more need to go through useless YouTube searches or Google 'how-to' searches. Everything is here!

​Google Ranking Help - Keywords Tool

best internet marketing training for beginners

If you've ever built a website that no one visited, one of the biggest reasons is because they didn't know about it. Or couldn't find it. That's usually because it's buried on page 15 of Google.

One of the best ways to get onto page 1 of Google, and increase traffic by thousands and thousands a month, is to understand keywords and write content targeting keywords that can rank highly.

Understanding how to do that without training or help is almost impossible. And that's where wealthy affiliate's keywords tool comes in. It is an amazing tool that helps you find keywords in your niche and then tells you if they are good words to target or not. ​

best internet marketing training for beginners

​It tells you things like:

  • ​how many searches per month for that keyword 
  • how much traffic ​per month
  • how much competition there is for that keyword
  • the article power - (should you target it or not)
  • and different keywords that might also be relevant.

​This all comes free when you join ​Wealthy ​Affiliate. For free members you get 30 searches. And for premium members it's a lifetime tool. I wouldn't be anywhere without ​the keyword tool and of course, there's lots of free training on how to use it!

Yet another reason why Wealthy Affiliate is the best internet marketing training for beginners! Try it out free today by clicking the ​pic below!

best internet marketing training for beginners

​Wealthy Affiliate Community Support

Not only do you get the best Internet marketing training for beginners at Wealthy Affiliate via the certification and Bootcamp courses, you also get an amazing amount of community support. This is support from other Wealthy Affiliate members and users just like you.

In the photo below you can see I have typed best themes into the search box. Under that you can see the official training. Under the official training you can see blogs.

These are entries that people have written specifically related to best themes. And you can see the number of comments and answers that people have contributed. 

best internet marketing training for beginners

So you get all the official training, and you get an unbelievable amount of help from current Wealthy Affiliate users going through the exact same system and processes you. This is invaluable because they know exactly ​how you feel and what you​'re looking for.

On top of that, you also have a 'Live Chat' function if you don't want to wait for answers to your questions. You can tap the 'Live Chat' button (​in the left column above) and type in a question and someone will answer it for you immediately.

These are other members and ​are in addition to the official support you get from ​Wealthy ​Affiliate. You really don't need to go anywhere ​else for the best ​internet marketing training for beginners. Wealthy ​Affiliate has you covered on all bases.

​Wealthy Affiliate - ​​More Features

best internet marketing training for beginners

​If you've ever tried to set up a 'free' website, you'd know it's not free at all. Just like if you're given  a 'free' car, that ain't free either. You need to register it, service it, get insurance for it, maintain it etc.

It's the same with websites. If you're going to put time into building your own site, you want it to be secure, and all your content safe. You also want it optimized for the best user experience possible.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you get all of that. You get everything listed in the picture ​above, and everything listed in the pic below. And if anything goes wrong, you have instant 24/7 support from both Wealthy Affiliate official support, and the Wealthy Affiliate community.

You can rest easy knowing you're getting the best internet marketing training for beginners, PLUS the best hosting and site security system on the internet. All included!

best internet marketing training for beginners

​Wealthy Affiliate - '​​​https' Free!

​Something that I can't overlook is the 2nd point in the picture below, related to 'https'. Very soon Google will start to penalize (and refuse to recognize) sites that are not https compliant. This is an added layer of security that gives a site trustworthiness in Google's eyes.

If you're selling anything from your site, or asking for Paypal or credit card transactions of any kind on your website, and you don't have a https green padlock (rather than the standard http now) Google is about to make your life very tough.

A lot of companies out there know this, so they're sneakily charging huge sums to do the conversion for you. Wealthy Affiliate? It's free! Seriously. To check why you​r site might not be https compliant, you can use websites such as Why No Padlock?

best internet marketing training for beginners

​Wealthy Affiliate - Affiliate Program

​Another great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the affiliate program itself. Just like most reputable companies nowadays, WA has its own affiliate program. So when you tell people what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, and they join, you get paid!

Just like with my photography where, for example, I recommend the best beginner DSLR camera​ and Amazon etc gives me a commission.

When it comes to building your own successful website that comes with the best internet marketing training for beginners and savvy veterans alike, I ​automatically recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It's a no-brainer.

And for doing so, Wealthy Affiliate pays me every time someone who wants help building a website signs up. Happy days!

How much can you earn? It's up to you, but you can get a rough idea from the figures in the picture below.  

best internet marketing training for beginners

​Wealthy Affiliate vs. WordPress

​When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you're given the best internet marketing training for beginners on using WordPress. And optimizing your WordPress site. So that begs the question, why not just go to the WordPress website and download a free site there?

I've given you many reasons thus far about just what incredible value you get when you join Wealthy Affiliate. But I thought a side-by-side comparison might help you even more. So here it is below 🙂

best internet marketing training for beginners

​Wealthy Affiliate - User Testimonials

​Finally, what better way to show that Wealthy Affiliate really does provide the best internet marketing training for beginners than showing what actual WA users say? Straight from the horse's mouth as they say. 

Just scroll through from side to side to see what users are saying about WA.

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​Summing Up

​In short, Wealthy Affiliate ​offers the best internet marketing training for beginners by far. Many of us would love to turn our passions into some kind of income - with Wealthy Affiliate, you have everything you need to make that a reality. I am living proof!

But Wealthy Affiliate also gives you so much more too. It gives you community support so you're never alone, as well as peace of mind that your website is safe and sound with the best security system online.

The features included for every level of member are just incredible. So if you're serious about creating a website that is optimized for success and selling whatever you're passionate about, then take up your free trial and join me at Wealthy Affiliate today.

You don't even need a credit card! Just click the pic below to start now.

best internet marketing training for beginners

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P.P.S If you're looking for a way to increase traffic to your site, my​ guide to getting free Instagram followers might help you a lot. I've built my Instagram followers to over 110,000 in total now and it provides over 80% of traffic to this site. 

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