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​6 Types Of Customer Testimonials Examples - And How To Rank Them

6 Types Of Customer Testimonials Examples - And How To Rank Them

When it comes to customer testimonials examples there are many different types out there and it's hard to know which ones you should believe most. In this post I will give you ​six types of customer testimonials examples and go through each one. The six I'll be looking at are:

  • People who've created, used and succeeded with their own product
  • People who have invested with a product and are succeeding with it
  • People who've invested in a product but use the success of others as proof
  • People who own one product and promote something similar
  • People who don't own a product but promote it via the success of others
  • People who don't own, use, or have any success with a product. But promote based on its potential

​So hopefully by the end of the post ​you'll more clearly understand which kind of customer testimonial example to believe most. And which ones you ​should approach with a dash of caution.

​Customer Testimonials Examples #1 - ​Made it, Use it, Succeeding with it

The first of the customer testimonials examples, and the one you should always believe the most, is the one where someone has created their own product, used it, and succeeded with it. And can give you proof of their results.

Why believe this one the most? Well, ​​someone who's created their own product ​is always the most passionate about ​it. After all, they went to the trouble of actually creating it from scratch, right? If you've ever made anything from scratch you know the feeling of satisfaction you get when you finish it.

Heck, how good does it feel when you put together something you bought from IKEA? You feel like a scientific engineering genius!

So ​you can imagine how great it must feel when not only have you created something, then used it, but actually succeeded with it and made money from it? ​People who do this are the real deal and up​ the top of the totem pole of customer testimonials examples.

customer testimonials examples

An example of this is my Instagram guide I put together. I tested it for 18 months and built over 100,000 followers using everything inside it. Then I made it available to the public and it’s now sold almost 1,000 copies in just 6 months.

I’m very passionate about the guide (which you can learn about by clicking the pic above) coz it’s my name and reputation on the line.

But the fact is I made it, used it, and succeeded with it. And now I’m helping others do the same. This is massively satisfying and the results of buyers are perfect proof I can use for customer testimonials examples.

Customer Testimonials Examples #2 - Bought it, Succeeding with it

customer testimonials examples

The second in line of customer testimonials examples I want to bring you is the people who own a product and have succeeded with it. They might not have made the product or actually created it....but they own it, use it, and profit from it.

You believe these people because they have spent the money on the product and they can give you first hand information and experience in using that particular product. In essence, they are putting their money where their mouth is and showing you that they have invested in something and it is working for them.

If it's working for them, then you have no doubt to question why it can't work for you. They are saying "here it is, I've bought it, I'm using it, and I'm making money from it. And that's why you can too."

My Example #1

One example of this in my case is Digital Altitude, (you can click the pic above for more info too). ​It's the online business system I use. I invested money into it, I use it every day, and I can vouch for it 100%. Not only that, it’s my biggest source of online income by a long shot, so I also have the proof that it’s working for me. Check out the commission I made above!

My Example #2

Another example is Wealthy Affiliate, the system I use to run this website and all my clients’ websites. I swear by Wealthy Affiliate and think it’s by far the best platform available if you want to create a website that actually makes you money.

The help on WA is outstanding and it’s made from the bottom-up to help you turn websites into money makers. It’s based around WordPress and the features and support and benefits you get for the price you pay is unbelievable. Even the free version is jam packed with more features and benefits than any of its competitors.

I love it and swear by it. You can learn more and start for free by clicking here, or on the picture below. 

Customer Testimonials Examples #3 - Bought it, Use proof of others

The third on the list of customer testimonials examples comes from people who own a product but don't have their own proof of success yet. So what they do show in terms of success is other people having success with the product.

They are saying ‘here is the product that I own and here is what people are doing with it.’ They can't actually show you their own success because they might not have any yet but they can show you success of others with the same product.

You don't need to automatically dismiss these people because they might just be getting started. They might be new to a particular product and they are just introducing it to you as well. Before I started succeeding with Digital Altitude I used my teammates' successes. Like in the pic below.

customer testimonials examples

On the other hand, you do have to at least think about why others are able to succeed with the product whereas the people promoting to you are not. If they can't succeed with it, why are they asking you to buy?

Basically, all of their customer testimonials examples come from others and nothing comes from any kind of success that they have personally had. So you have to weigh that up when you're thinking about buying the product that they are promoting.

Maybe they are just really bad at marketing, or they aren't passionate about the product. It doesn't mean that you can't succeed and if they can give you proof of others succeeding with that same product then perhaps the person is the problem and not the product. These are things that you have to consider.

Customer Testimonials Examples #4 - Don't own it, Own something similar

The next one on the list of customer testimonials examples are people who are promoting a product that they neither own nor use, but do use something similar. You might automatically think these people can't be trusted but there are certain circumstances where this is perfectly natural.

Personally, I try to have some kind of experience with anything that I'm promoting or asking my followers to buy. I mean, if you are putting your trust in me then the least I can do is test it out myself and give you an honest opinion if I want you to spend your own money on it. But this is not always possible.

customer testimonials examples

​One instance of a customer testimonial example where the product is neither owned nor used might be for a type of computer. ​For example, for all my photo editing and multimedia work, I use the Hewlett Packard Envy. It's a PC that I'm absolutely in love with.

Now if I promote the HP Envy on Amazon, it's only fair that I also promote its Mac equivalent on Amazon too, which would be the iMac 27".

So if I give the equivalent Mac version of the PC computer that I’m using and promoting, then of course I don't own the Mac or use one. But I am trying to include everyone in my recommendations. This is fair enough.

Another example might be camera gear. If I am promoting ​something on Amazon like the Canon 5d mk iv, for example, then I might also give the equivalent on Amazon for the Nikon D850, or the Sony A7R II. Of course, as an owner of the Canon I won't own the Nikon or the Sony gear but for those people who do I want to give them the equivalent of the Canon gear that I'm promoting.

customer testimonials examples

These are cases of customer testimonials examples you can trust despite the person being neither an owner nor a user, because they do own something related. They just don't own all of the gear they are promoting, but this is perfectly understandable in such cases.

Customer Testimonials Examples #5 - Don't own it, Promote others' success

The next one down on the list of customer testimonials examples are the people who are promoting a product simply by way of promoting others who have succeeded with that product.

These people promoting the product don't actually own the product, or anything related to it, and therefore haven't actually used the product. But they claim to know people who are using it and know people who are succeeding with it.

Often they can give you some kind of proof by way of screenshots or customer testimonials examples from websites associated with the product.

customer testimonials examples

There might be many reasons why they don't own the product themselves but I can never really trust these people 100% because if they are promoting something and asking you to buy it, then why don't they own it, or anything like it themselves?

I mean it may not be necessary in their lives at that particular time, but if that's the case why are they asking others to buy it? Why are they so passionate about something that they don't own themselves?

In the previous type of customer testimonials example I said a Canon owner might also promote the equivalent Nikon. But in this case here, the person promoting doesn’t own the Canon, the Nikon or the Sony…..I have to question these people and wonder where their intentions really lie…..

Customer Testimonials Examples #6 - Don't own it, Promote 'potential'

The final kind in the list of customer testimonials examples I want to bring you is the one that you should probably trust the least. These are the people who have nothing to show in terms of proof, and they don't actually know anyone who is succeeding with a particular product, but they want you to buy it anyway.

They try to tell you what you 'could' potentially earn. What you 'could' potentially make if you invest. What you 'could' get if you go for it.

A good example of this comes from the recent bitcoin phenomena. Lots of people were producing graphs and charts and fancy stock photos that they had found on websites or stumbled across on Facebook and were using as some kind of proof of the success that you 'could' have if you bought in to some binary thing or other.

I was getting 10 emails a day from these people!

customer testimonials examples

But they couldn't give any real names and they couldn't give any real customer testimonials examples of people who owned their Bitcoin ponzi schemes and were using it and succeeding with it. It was all about the 'mights', and the 'maybes', and 'coulds', and the 'potentials'.

These people are just in it to sell and have no passion or care for the product whatsoever. Their bottom line is money and they don't care who buys from them or what they are selling. They are usually the ones who email you every day with completely unrelated products from one day to the next……

Customer Testimonials Examples - ​Your takeaways

To sum up, I've brought you ​6 kinds of customer testimonials examples today and ordered them in rank of importance and trustworthiness.

  • People who've created, used and succeeded with their own product
  • People who have invested with a product and are succeeding with it
  • People who've invested in a product but use the success of others as proof
  • People who own one product and promote something similar
  • People who don't own a product but promote it via the success of others
  • People who don't own, use, or have any success with a product. But promote based on its potential

So next time you see customer testimonials examples, you'll know exactly what to look for and who to trust!​

​P.S If you'd like to learn more about my experiences and thoughts on Digital Altitude, you can read a detailed post I've written that explains exactly what ​the Digital Altitude is about. It might help you a lot.

​P.P.S And if you're interested in building your Instagram accounts, my complete guide to getting free Instagram followers here ​will definitely be helpful. It's helped me to over 100k!

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  • Paul says:

    Interesting article Iain and a really original one with your breakdown of customer testimonial examples. Although they are fairly straightforward and commonsense they provide a re-defining if you like on the strength of someone’s recommendations which is so important when we look to outlay money.
    I am in total agreeance with what you portray here and yes, we need to ask some serious questions when it comes to not owning and not using but still promoting..
    Great read mate thank you

    • Iain Stanley says:

      Cheers Paul glad you found it useful. We’re all here online because we see the value and potential in it as an extra source of income. Unfortunately, so do many less scrupulous people out there. They think customer testimonials will win the trust of readers but it becomes clear pretty quick that not all customer testimonial examples are the same. I hope this helps you in the future. Cheers!

  • Kevin says:

    Great information. There are so many fake testimonials out thee these days that we need to see through the clutter. The best reviews in my book are clearly those who are using the product and have great experience with it. There are many scammers out there but you have cut through the crud. Your ranking of the types is definitely spot on. Thanks

    • Iain Stanley says:

      Thanks Kevin. Yeah once you start to see the different types of customer testimonials you soon identify very quickly if they’re full of crap or not. As you said, someone who is using the product, and can prove it, is always up the top of the chain. At the very top are people who’ve actually made a product, and are using it successfully. Coz they’re most passionate about their own work.

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