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Digital Altitude Products - what are you getting

Digital Altitude Products | Ex-Member Exposes Their Flaws

Digital Altitude Products -
​Why They're A No-Go

Let's take a look at what the Digital Altitude products are and ​why they're simply not worth your while - ​or money...and as a Digital Altitude member for 18 months, I'm in a better position than anyone to tell you why. 

​What IS Digital Altitude?

digital altitude mentor

When people first hear about the Digital Altitude Aspire system, one of the first questions they always ask is 'what is the Digital Altitude about?'

​Digital Altitude is an online business that sells 2 things​. Firstly, it sells educational marketing courses for you to use and consume. And secondly it sells the license you need in order to resell those courses. 

And included in that reselling license is the entire 'business system', or 'done-for-you-system' that it so heavily promotes

It's great in theory, but it simply doesn't work, and I'm going to explain why. ​So strap yourself in.​

​The Digital Altitude Products You Get. And Sell. 

Digital Altitude Products - what are you getting

​So on the consumer side of things, what does Digital Altitude sell exactly? ​When you buy the RISE Digital Altitude package for $2,000 you get a whole bunch of educational courses that you can use and learn from. 

In essence, you're buying an education in marketing, sales, branding, social media and so forth. And the idea is that you'll then use your new knowledge and skills learned from BASE and RISE to great effect by selling Digital Altitude to prospects.  

That would be great if the courses were good and worth selling. But they're not. 

Let's go through all the Digital Altitude product levels and you'll see why what Digital Altitude sells doesn't match the hype. Or the promised income returns.

​You Start With "Digital Altitude Aspire".

Digital Altitude Products - Aspire

This is what you get when you sign up for the  14 day trial.

It focuses mainly on the 5 most essential elements of online success for people starting out. And you automatically get assigned your very own, personal Digital Altitude coach to help explain everything

It is pitched as digital marketing training developed by 7-figure digital marketers ‘for’ new digital marketers.

This is where you start and this is where your journey begins. It all sounds promising coz most people have no idea what’s going on, but they’re interested. It’s why you’re there in the first place right!

The coaches explain how it works and often throw in some random figures that sounds incredibly inviting.

The 5 steps here include:

  • video trainings
  • PDF guides
  • ​MP3 audios to download
  • study guides
  • 1-1 coaching calls on Skype

I tried it out coz I ​thought it was cool that you got all that for free from a 14 day trial.

And got to keep ​all the materials. Indeed you do, but looking back now, I can see that most of it's fluff. Sure, what do you expect from free materials, but total newbies are an easy target.

​If you like free stuff,​ sure go for it. But it's stuff you're ever likely to look at ever again if you get serious about earning online. I certainly haven't.

There's nothing that's actually actionable in there. And the coaches keep telling you to 'upgrade' to RISE (which includes BASE) if you really want the good stuff that makes you money.

BASE - A Digital Business Mastery Course

Digital Altitude Products - Base

So if you take the $2,000 plunge, from there you will move up to ‘Base’ (included in the RISE package), which is described as a digital business mastery course.

This is focused on the first 3 months of your business which, in the words of Digital Altitude, are crucial for setting your direction and deciding whether you will be successful or not.

The ‘Base’ course gives you the tools, shortcuts and resources to really accelerate the success of your digital business.

All well and good, except that the sales video and marketing pitch says ‘6 Figures In 90 Days Or Less’.

But if BASE is “setting you up” for success, how does that “equal” 6 figure success? Something doesn’t add between the two there….?

There are currently ​3 modules and 12 Sections, covering topics such as:

  • goal setting
  • branding
  • ​building a web presence
  • ​launching your business
  • ​social media campaigns

​Again, all these modules have short little videos and PDF downloads but nothing that even remotely comes close to being a 'golden nugget' of information.

Just some generic, wishy-washy cookie cutter advice that offers very few real takeaways of any value.

This is just my opinion of course but on the evidence of my own experiences, and that of the 100's of members of my team, it's a pretty accurate opinion​ and evaluation of this Digital Altitude product.

​RISE - A Digital Business Mastery Course

Digital Altitude Products - Rise Sale

From there you go to 'R​ISE', which is a digital business mastery course. It comes together with 'BASE' and is much more focused on mindset.

It provides tools and resources just like the 'B​ASE' course but it also looks at what you need to do with your mind in order to succeed.

Mindset - it sound​s airy-fairy and hippy-dippy​, and it pretty much is. I mean, if you've invested $2,000, you're in it to win it. I don't think you need much more 'mental motivation' than to recoup your money and start profiting.

But the RISE level spends countless videos going on about mindset and law of attraction and attraction marketing bla bla bla. As I watched them I really wanted to believe they would help me. They didn't.

And when it talks about finding emotional trigger buttons and powerful desires within your prospects that practically "forces" them to buy, it starts to get a bit dodgy and really OMG tacky (Michael Force is the founder...get it get it 'forces' them to buy.....dear Lord help me now...

What Else Do You Actually Get With RISE?

​On the surface it looks like a decent deal. 

​You get the Rise and Base courses, consisting of almost 30 modules​.

You also get access to Social Media Marketing University, which says it can reaffirm and strengthen your position and knowledge in making money online. Except you only got access to the 'FREE' sections. Which were crap. 

And this inclusion has since been excluded....

And finally you get ongoing, daily and weekly access to live and recorded training calls designed specifically to help you in all aspects of your Digital Altitude products.

​All sounds pretty good, except most of it is fluff. ​Most of the  modules take about 10 minutes to finish and have some pointless questions to fill in at the end. 

And the daily/weekly trainings also sound good, but they don't go into any detail or really drill down on what you need to succeed.

​I soon learned that there is so much better stuff out there. Like this Facebook Ads course that gives you over 2 hours of training broken down into 16 parts. ​For $27.

All my Facebook Ads and profits have been made using this course. And its total cost is less than half ​of Digital Altitude's ongoing monthly fees......

Digital Altitude RISE offers 1/1000 of the value here, and charges $2,000. Umm, yeah. Nah. But it stings in the mouth finding all this out AFTER you've stumped up $2,000.....

ASCEND - A Digital Business Profit Workshop

Digital Altitude Products - Ascend Sale

If you really want to take it to the next level with the Digital Altitude products, then you can go to Ascend. For $10,000. Commission payouts were once $6,000 but they've been reduced now. 

What you also don't ​realise is that $6,000 was indeed paid out. But not all to you. The 'coach' got a big fat chunk of it too, so you actually end up with $2,500. 

I made a few of these sales and recouped my money, so it was all OK. But I thought I'd get more.....

Not quite the $6,000 they splash up in promotional pictures on their Facebook page.....

​ASCEND is labeled as a digital business profit workshop.

It is much more expensive than R​ISE, but the benefits are ​hardly 5x greater.

You get to go the conference, and you get 2 nights in a hotel. That's it. Seriously.

You still have to pay your own air ticket over, and pay for any accommodation outside the 2 days provided.

The last ASCEND retreat was in Maui. Nice. Except I'm from Australia. So Digital Altitude wants you to stump up $10k to go to their live meeting, ahem, 'retreat' AND they want you to fork out ​MORE for airfares and travel costs.......

To hear pretty much the same wishy washy stuff that you get on the daily calls and recordings.

I mean think about it, do you REALLY think the top earners are gonna give all their well-earned secrets away to 100's of rabid newbies praying for something to help them? 

NO! They give a couple little tidbits and then shmooze the weekend away with the other high rollers. Leaving you looking like the uncool kid trying to find someone to talk to. But ​it's never the cool guy.

What Comes With ASCEND Retreat?

An All-Inclusive Digital Marketing Conference And Retreat Where You Will Learn About.......

  • most profitable traffic sources
  • scaling traffic
  • ​conversion hacks
  • funnel formula
  • branding
  • story telling
  • ​video mastery
  • analytics
  • content creation
  • outsourcing
  • ​team building
  • much much much more.....

What you also don't learn is that half the above items come at an extra cost. Of course they do!!

PEAK - Moving Up In  Your Journey

Digital Altitude Products - Peak Sale

The next step up in the line of Digital Altitude products is when you go from 'Ascend' to 'Peak' and this is really where the big boys start playing. I think these people just have too much money to play with coz there definitely ain't no value in the products here. 

It's all about the resales and commissions. Personally, I only know 3 people who were at this level, so I don't know how they think they're gonna make mass sales here....but I guess there's others just like them......

Peak is a digital business prosperity retreat. A what?

Whilst Ascend is a 3-day workshop, Peak is an all inclusive retreat for 2 that runs for 5 days.

In the words of Digital Altitude, Peak brings the world's top thought leaders in business success, management, and leadership directly to you. So it's basically the same as ASCEND, but 2 more days. For $16,000.......Sheesh!

And like all of the other levels of Digital Altitude products, it's said you can get anywhere up to 60% commissions when you resell this prosperity retreat. But as we already know, it doesn't quite work like that, coz you only get about 20% of the sale in reality.

And that figure is ever dwindling. And is in fact frozen now due to Digital Altitude's ongoing lawsuit......

Topics Covered At The

  • Scaling your business
  • Creating joint ventures
  • ​Adding value
  • Finding the best talent
  • Creating more efficiency
  • Awesome accounting
  • Organization building
  • ​Team motivation strategies
  • Growth strategies
  • Automating 80% of your business
  • Powerful presentations
  • Creating lifetime customers
  • ​The power of influence
  • Time management
  • Creating more time freedom

APEX - The Final Step

Digital Altitude Products - Apex

The final product in Digital Altitude suite is 'Apex', described as a digital business legacy experience. I know I know, I got no idea what that means either. 

Ascend is a 3-day retreat, Peak is a 5 day retreat and Apex is a 7 day retreat for 2 where you learn the art of wealth building, real estate, and asset management from the champions of these particular industries. 

Honestly, that's what it says. Real Estate? After 2008? Maybe not the best pitch in the US.....

If you make sales of Apex you can make commissions of anywhere up to $16,000. Ummm well, we know actually not. But hey, marketing sells. Right?

What Comes With The APEX RETREAT?

A 7 Day all-inclusive business retreat with some of marketing's top minds. You'll learn things like:

  • building additional streams of cashflow
  • securing retirement income
  • ​funding your investments
  • boosting your financial IQ
  • leverage secrets
  • creating long term wealth strategies
  • ​the law of attraction
  • creating a tax free retirement
  • asset protection
  • risk management tactics
  • ​annuity analysis
  • much much much more.......

​Now I gotta be honest, I never went to any of the retreats here, but I know members who did.

And they spent the entire time hanging out with their own team members, going over their own strategies and perfecting them. 

In fairness, many said it was a great 'experience' but sales didn't go anywhere afterwards. So I'm not too sure I want to pay up to $30,000 for the 'experience' of a 7 day retreat.....

The Digital Altitude Daily Live Calls And Recordings

Digital Altitude Products - Calls

Furthermore, when you join​, part of your suite of Digital Altitude products includes​ access to the Daily Calls and recordings.

You have the Wake Up call from Monday to Thursday. Plus the Rise call on Wednesdays.

Inside DA on Fridays.

And the Black Diamond call on Mondays.

These calls are relevant to different member levels but they are all done by expert leaders and expert Digital Altitude members.

They are there to listen to and you can access them at any time. You also get Training Calls to listen to.

At the moment there are about 40 training calls, all run by expert leaders and industry leaders from Digital Altitude.

Here's some examples of the training calls you get as a Digital Altitude member.

  • solo Ad secrets
  • email marketing mastery
  • ​Facebook tools for adding leads
  • email follow-up sequences
  • ​webinars on a budget
  • Instagram marketing
  • offline to online marketing techniques
  • how to talk with leads
  • ​Google Ads and Bing Ads
  • Making the perfect landing page
  • ​making bridge videos for squeeze pages
  • banner ad marketing

All of these come included with you when you sign up with Digital Altitude and become a member.

Unfortunately, they are very generic. It's understandable when you're trying to talk to 1,000's of listeners and make things relevant to everyone, but of the few that I listened to and took notes  from, I never used anything or revisited my notes.

I ended up buying this YouTube ​program and it's how I've ranked my videos number 1 and gotten onto Page 1 of Search Results. If only I knew about it before Digital Altitude.....

The Value In The Digital Altitude Products? None Whatsoever!

Digital Altitude Products - base and rise

The Products: after 2 years, my own personal experience was that the Digital Altitude products don't help you, or your customers, succeed online. It's that simple. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced marketer, everything you need to succeed is sources from outside Digital Altitude. So in my mind, if that's the case, why buy them 

The 'done-for-you' automated system: this is a product in itself, as well as the license. A complete business system that takes care of 90% of the things you'd normally have to stress and scream about.

With everything done for you, you can worry less on the small stuff and more on the business of running your business. In theory. 

In reality, you don't use any of the native Digital Altitude system and end up using different forms of software and help right across the board. For example, you immediately change to email marketing software such as AWeber.

So what's the point of shelling out all that money if you're not getting anything useful for it, AND you have to then shell out more money for stuff that actually does work.....?

The ongoing support: part of what you get is the ongoing training and support. This ​is nice except that the training is fairly generic and way way overpriced for the value it delivers. Or doesn't. I found out the hard way. You don't need to. 

What ​Is A Better Way Of
Earning Online?

​If you want something that overdelivers in every aspect, including affordability, then I can't go without recommending Wealthy Affiliate​. I have been with WA for 3 years now and it just gets better every week.

Sure, it doesn't offer the same crazy promises that other fly-by-night systems do, but the team behind it, and the training, support, and value is second to none.

And best of all, you don't feel queasy introducing it to people. I love it, and I think you will too. It's completely free to check out and start with so give it a look.

I will never make the mistake of looking for alternatives again like I did with Digital Altitude, and I will never fall for buying products that promise millions, like the Digital Altitude products did. 

What does Digital Altitude sell? False hopes and dreams. What does Wealthy Affiliate sell? An honest way to add an extra source of online income to your life.

​The fact I got out nearly even from Digital Altitude is a miracle in itself. But I would never recommend such a company to anyone. Wealthy Affiliate? I have absolutely zero hesitation in saying 'take a look and you'll be more than impressed'

Check it out here.

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Hi there Iain here. I made this site simply because I want to find ways of adding multiple income streams to my life so I can retire early and live the good life. Why rely on one income when there are so many ways out there you can earn, especially online? So as I learn about them all, I want to pass my knowledge on to you so you can do the same. Here's hoping we can all retire early and go travel the world or sit by the ocean sipping cocktails!

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  • jan says:

    Hi Iain!

    Is this possible to Join direct at the Rise Level with all Products underneath?
    And is it possible to Sell the the Base and Rise Products? Or can Affiliates only sell the 1$Trail?

    Thanks for Answer

    • Iain Stanley says:

      Hi Jan, Well unfortunately, there is currently a Digital Altitude lawsuit going now because it seems those people at the top of Digital Altitude weren’t being completely open and honest about the way they were running their business. I met some great people through Digital Altitude but none of them were associated with running the company. I think if you’re looking for abetter, more honest way to online, that doesn’t involve big upfront payments or any outlandish promises of payment, then Wealthy Affiliate is definitely your best option. I have been with WA for 3 years now and thoroughly recommend them. Do your due diligence of coursed but you can check them out and get started free by clicking this link here.

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