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email deliverability

When It Comes To Email Deliverability, Only AWeber Delivers

email deliverability

Have you ever invested time and emotion into sending something by post then find out a week later it never got delivered? At first you're heartbroken that your efforts went to waste. Then you're livid and want someone to pay.

You vent fire and fury at the Post Office, the Postman, and the whole broken system. Then kick and scream at no-one in particular and vow never to use their crappy services for anything important again. Coz a postal service without reliable deliverability means nothing.

And it's exactly the same with email marketing. Email marketing without good email deliverability is like packing your bags for the trip of a lifetime then leaving your passport at home. Pointless, frustrating, and heartbreaking.

So when it comes to good email deliverability, you want an email marketing system that does what it's supposed to - get your emails into the primary inbox of your readers.  And AWeber stands head and shoulders above its competitors in the only thing that really matters.

email deliverability

Make no mistake, w​hen it comes to marketing, affiliate marketing, building brand awareness, creating customer loyalty and proven ROI (return on investment), email marketing is still hard to top.

Whether it's through the use of autoresponders or drip marketing, having access to an engaged list that you have built through opt-ins or advertisements ​still beats most other ​marketing methods.

​It's why 'list building' is still one of the pillars of building a successful online business.

​Email Marketing - Features And Benefits

email deliverability

​If you browse the homepages of the ​best email marketing s​ystems you'll notice that the features and benefits are all quite similar. Companies like ​AWeber, Get Response, Mail Chimp, or Infusion Software​.....the list goes on.

When you compare them all side by side it looks an impossible task to separate them. Let's go through some of the features that they all offer:

  • ​​Autoresponder Sequences All of the ​best email marketing s​ystems provide autoresponder sequences. This means that you can set up messages to be sent out automatically at set intervals once someone ​opts in to your list.
  • Email Templates - They all offer countless, beautiful templates that you can use for your emails so that they look professional. You can edit the colours and the design of the fonts and really make a professional looking email
  • Royalty Free Images - They all include royalty free images you can use for your emails. This is great because it saves you the time of having to search on the Internet for images that are copyright free and good for commercial use. ​
  • Web Forms - Almost all email marketing systems offer professionally designed web forms that you can use on social media or your website to capture emails. You don't have to do anything yourself except decide the colours then copy and paste the provided code to your wherever you want on your website. Great for list building.
  • Training - They all offer training, and webinars, and seminars that help you understand the basics of email marketing and how to get the most from the software.
  • Pre-Written Emails - ​Nearly all good email marketing systems offer pre-written email templates that you can use if you have no experience writing emails to people. They even have whole autoresponder sequences ​​​ you can use.
  • Affiliate Programs - All of the ​best email marketing s​ystemalso offer affiliate programs where you can promote that particular company and get paid every time someone signs up using your affiliate link
  • ​​Pricing -  pricing of ​most email marketing systems is quite similar. They almost all​ base their prices around the number of subscribers you have. So up to 1000, for example, it's a certain price. Then from 1000 to 5000 the price goes up slightly again. Then from 5000 to 10,000 the price goes up etc etc

​What Sets Them Apart? Email Deliverability!

email deliverability

But there's one thing that really sets one apart from all the others. ​Email deliverability. What is email deliverability?

In a nutshell, ​email deliverability is the ability to ensure that the email you send someone actually ends up in ​their primary inbox. Not the 'promotions' box. Not the 'social' inbox. Not the 'other' inbox. And especially not the spam box. 

Don't be fooled. When you go to the homepages of all the ​best email marketing s​ystems they will all spout their quality in email deliverability. Whether it's Get Response, Mail Chimp, Infusion Soft......they will all talk up their email deliverability. For most of them, it's pure guff. 

​Email deliverability really is the metric where they are all separated. Believe me, I've been on the end of an email marketing software company that doesn't provide good email deliverability. It was when I was a paid member and user of Get Response. 

email deliverability

​Without reliable deliverability,  nothing else matters. Not your design, not the quality of your emails, not the fonts you use, not the way you segment your list, not your autoresponder sequence...... nothing. 

If your emails aren't delivered into someone's primary inbox, they are not opened. And if they are not opened, there's no point in anything.

I mean, what's the point of having great design and great templates and great copy if your emails just end up in someone's spam box? Never to see the light of day?

All that hard work becomes meaningless. All those hours of carefully tending to your emails, and following the training, and putting together a sequence that you think will convert readers into buyers. 

All that goes out the window if you don't have good email deliverability. 

​Email Deliverability - ​AWeber Means ​You're Seen!

email deliverability

It's the same as making the best cup of coffee in the world and then trying to sell it in the middle of the desert where the only things passing you all day are three camels. Who only drink tea.

Compare that with someone who has very average coffee but is selling from a stand in the middle of Times Square in New York. Whose coffee do you think sells more? The one that's seen of course! 

And that's what email deliverability is all about. Making sure your emails are actually seen by the people on your list. 

​And of all the ​best email marketing s​ystems out there, ​AWeber is the colossus when it comes to email deliverability.

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As an example, I used to use ​Get ​Response but after a while I noticed that some emails were getting an open rate of less than 10%. Absolutely ridiculous!

  • I​'d checked them against the spam flags
  • I​'d checked the words that I​'d used
  • I'd checked the design
  • I'd wrapped the text. 
  • In short, I had done absolutely everything in my powers to ensure that my emails complied with all of the antispam rules.

And yet, my email open rates were less than 10%.

email deliverability

When I tested these emails with various dummy email accounts from Gmail, or Yahoo, or Outlook etc nearly all of them would go to the spam box or to boxes designated as unimportant. In short, not the primary inbox. 

No matter what I did, my emails never ended up in the primary inbox. Can you imagine how frustrating that is?

​So I finally gave up and made the move to A​Weber after hearing from so many different marketers that A​Weber offered the best email deliver​ability by far. 

​Email Deliverability - Results With Aweber

And the result? Without changing a single thing, not even a letter or a space..... without changing a single thing in my email messages I went from 5-10% open rates with Get Response to 30% open rates with AWeber. ​

And now, after about 6 months using AWeber? All of my ​emails sent to my list hover around the 30 to 40% open rate during an autoresponder sequence. For the first two or three messages in any sequence they are always above ​40%.

email deliverability

Now I'll be perfectly honest and say I have absolutely no idea how AWeber does it. I don't know what they do differently when you look at email deliverability across all of the ​best email marketing s​ystems. 

Whether they have some different kind of code they're using, or some kind of different system for getting beyond spam detectors… I don't know. And frankly, I don't care in the slightest.

All I care about is that my emails are delivered correctly and end up in someone's Primary inbox. And given the highest chance possible of being opened and read.

​Summing Up - Email Deliv​erability Is A Basic Requirement​ 

​​Email deliverability seems like a pretty basic requirement of an email marketing service, right?

All the ​best email marketing s​ystems say that they offer the best email delivery service. But the reality is most of them can't prevent Gmail or Yahoo deciding that your email belongs outside ​someone's 'Primary' inbox.

And if that's the case, all the other features and benefits they might have mean absolutely diddly squat. ​

I don't care about extra fancy bells and whistles. Or wonderfully coloured templates and royalty free images. I just want them to do what they're supposed to do - get my emails into the Primary inbox.

Quite incredibly however, this is not the case. And across all of the ​best email marketing systems out there, AWeber is the only one that you can truly rely on to get your messages into someone's primary inbox more than any other.

So as cheesy as it sounds, when it comes to email deliverability, AWe​ber really is the only one that delivers. ​

Please share if you think your friends could benefit from this. And comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

email deliverability

P.S Email marketing only really works if you have a product to sell. If you don't have your own product (like 99% of people) you might be interested in affiliate marketing - selling comp​any products on places like Amazon. I've written here on how to start and How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

​P.P.S If you'd like to learn more about my biggest online earning product, I've written about it in this post here - What Is The Digital Altitude About

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  • Craig says:

    Hi Iain,

    Thanks for a comprehensive write up! I have been looking to change my autoresponder so your information on email deliverability came in handy.

    It was interesting reading your statistics for Aweber. I use MailChimp (free version) and my open rates are between 25 to 35% as an average.

    But how do you know Aweber’s emails hit the Primary Inbox?

    • Iain Stanley says:

      As I alluded to in my article, just by eyeballing it you can see that AWeber is streets ahead of Get Response in terms of email deliverability. I used both. The same emails, to a letter, get 30-40% open rates in AWeber on a list of 10,000 compared with less than 10% on Get Response. Identical emails. That’s one way I can tell that AWeber is getting into the Primary inbox – pure open rate numbers.  The second way is that I tested myself on about 4 to 5 different accounts. I send messages to myself via a AWeber and they always hit the primary inbox. When I sent the same messages using Get Response they ended up in promotions, or spam, or sometimes the inbox. 

  • burleyboy says:

    Once question I have always had about mail merge companies and mass email marketing campaigns like that offered AWeber is if there is a free alternative. Email works based on basic HTTP requests to different servers that ensure your mail is delivered to the right person, meaning there must be a way to send emails by using code or some free API out there that does this for you. First, do you know of any of these free resources and second, is there a benefit to using AWeber or another mass email merge site that a free one couldn’t provide?

    • Iain Stanley says:

      MailChimp offers a free version up to 2000 subscribers.  This is very smart because most people starting out don’t believe they will ever get 2000 subscribers so they think that mail chimp is perfect for them. However, if you’re really serious about building an online presence and an online business, 2000 will come and go very quickly. Then once you are beyond 2000, mail chimp does not stack up against any of the email marketing services out there-for email deliverability or most other metrics. 

  • Jacob Schilling says:

    Hello Lain, I have yet to dabble in email marketing, but I have been thinking about doing that a lot lately, but I am unsure due to my traffic rates. I usually only get about 14-16 views on my site per day, so I am not sure if it is a good time investment to start an email marketing campaign for my site yet. What do you think?

    When I do start email marketing, I may look at Aweber, thanks for your recommendation.

    • Iain Stanley says:

      Hi Jacob, to be honest, you don’t ‘absolutely’ need traffic to your site to build an email list or create an effective email marketing campaign. In fact, in my case, my email marketing campaign is actually the thing that gets traffic to my site. For example, 90% of my email leads come from Instagram. I have an opt-in page as my Instagram URL, and then people sign up using that Instagram link, because I give away a free Instagram guide on how I built my followers to 120,000. Then they are added to my email list, where I start my email marketing and rely on Aweber’s email deliverability. During my email marketing campaign, I have links to my site, and all the articles I have written. So my funnel goes like this:
      Instagram Followers > My Instagram URL > Opt In > Become an Email Lead > Start My Email Marketing > Leads visit my site through my email links > My site traffic goes up > My Google page rank goes up > Sales from my site go up.
      So you can see that visitors to my site comes AFTER my email marketing has begun. Something to think about 🙂

  • Gomer Magtibay says:

    After reading this detailed post of yours, I am now considering of reactivating my long inactive account in Aweber. Thank you, you’re good. I like your explanation.

    You said GetResponse, MailChimp, and other major autoresponder’s claim are just “guff”.. How can we be sure that Aweber’s data of 76% deliverability rate is honest and correct?

    • Iain Stanley says:

      Good question Gomer. Realisitically, we can’t be 100% sure unless we have access to AWeber’s data and secret spreadsheets. BUT, I can say from my own experience that AWeber’s email deliverability is 100 times better than Get Response’s. I have used both and trust me, GR’s sucked. And when I look at my own inboxes, I study which email companies different people use. Invariably, I find that marketers who use AWeber tend to end up in my Primary Inbox far more than those who use GR, MailChimp, Infusion Soft etc. Check your own inboxes and it might give you a clearer understanding about the email deliverability of all the rival companies out there.

  • Edwin says:

    Hello Iain, you are absolutely right: nothing else matters if your messages are not being read.
    I personally let a small list go stale and I think poor deliverability was part of my problem. I will consider AWeber when I’m ready to tackle that aspect of my business again.
    Perhaps you can share more of your expertise:
    Do you think colors and images are a top concern when crafting messages, or rather secondary to content and value?

    • admin says:

      Hi Edwin, as much as I love visual things (I’m a landscape photographer!!) I never ever put images into emails. Yes, they look good, and sure, they can almost replace a blog post. But email services simply don’t like pics. Gmail sends them to ‘Promotions’, Outlook sens them to ‘other’ or ‘Clutter’ etc etc. After countless trial and error sessions, it’s text only for me if I want to guarantee good email deliverability. And never more than one link per email (that includes signatures etc)

  • >