How To Build A Big Instagram Account On A Shoestring Budget

​This Simple System ​
Took Me From
600 > 70,000 Followers
In 12 Months​
And Can Help You Too!

​(across ​multiple accounts)

​​Above Is Some Proof For You
Below Is More Proof

Do You Have These Problems
When It Comes To

You're tired, frustrated and angry that you can't grow your Instagram accounts

  • You can't get followers
  • You don't 'get' hashtags
  • You can't make any sales
  • And you're sick of being asked to pay for help​?
And on top of're wasting hours and hours trying to:
  • write the 'right bio'
  • select the right hashtags
  • understand photo editing
  • post meaningful captions
  • get 'real' engagement
  • drive traffic to your website

All Without Any Signs Of Success.......

So now, despite weeks, months or years of your best efforts, you feel like giving up….... Or worse, you pretty much already have?


You're not alone. And there's help at hand. You can succeed. And you can get Instagram followers who are real, highly targeted, and highly active.

Imagine You Knew This...

How To Get More Followers

Simple, easy to follow system for building 1,000's of followers a month on any account.
Doesn't matter how much experience you have or what your area of interest is.
This works for anyone and can work for you too!

How To Convert Followers Into Buyers

I will teach you how to get 1,000's of followers a month.
Even better than that, I will show you how I've been able to turn
my followers into loyal, repeat paying customers.

How To Turn Your Account Into Money

I'll share with you all the ways I earn from Instagram.
And how I've built my income up to now make close to $3,000/mo, every month.
Just from Instagram.  You'll learn how to start, and all the tools you need.

Become A Brand Ambassador And Influencer

Want companies giving you free stuff? I'll show you how I do it.
And more importantly, how you can do it too.  

How To Massively Increase Website Traffic

Got a website? Wish you had more visitors?
More website visitors equals more money, it's as simple as that.
I'll show you how to get 1,000's more clicks and website visitors
from your Instagram accounts

How To ​Get Featured In Hashtag Top Posts 

​I'll show you a simple system to follow to get in Hashtag Top Posts every time.
Get seen by 100,000's of fresh eyes every post.
Great for brand building, and self promotion.

A Complete Blueprint To Success

What if I could show you the exact step-by-step blueprint to getting these solutions....

And making them a reality?

The very same ones I used to go from 600 > 70,000 ​real Instagram followers in 12 months. And ​well over 100k now after 18 months.

All without having to spend a cent...... Sound Good?

free Instagram followers

I've Been There.....
So I Know This Works!

If you asked me how I turned my photography business around from zero to a ​healthy 2nd income in less than 12 months.......

I could tell you in a single word.

Likewise how:

  • I increased my sales 1500% within 12 months
  • Earned enough to afford new lenses and camera gear
  • Became a brand ambassador for several companies
  • Paid for numerous trips around the world
  • Bought my first house!
free Instagram followers
free Instagram followers

That One Word? Instagram!

Not to overstate things here but it really has changed my life.

The problem is, there isn't exactly a friendly user-guide that comes with Instagram. In fact.... There isn't one at all. Particularly for people with small businesses.

When you first sign up it's not exactly clear what's going on. You choose a username..... you select a profile picture and......................then what?

It's not just a matter of uploading a couple of pictures and BOOM! ​

There's no manual out there that teaches you how to get Instagram followers. Much less targeted ones that are likely to become buyers.

Why? Coz they want you to pay for that stuff!

So What Did I Do?

I taught myself. And took my Instagram followers from 600 > 70,000 in 12 months (across ​5 accounts)

And ​over 100,000 now after 18 months. And along the way, I wrote down everything I did.

I made the manual that should've come with Instagram.

I made the first of its kind system that teaches you how to get ​real Instagram followers in simple steps.

​Let me say that again. Mine is the first of its kind system to be based completely on building a big Instagram account.....without having to spend big money.

There's No Reason
You ​​Can't Succeed.

 Katinka Tomanovics


Hi Iain, I ​got your guide probably 2 months ago, I'm applying all that I can and my numbers are constantly growing. I appreciate your help. It is very clear, and easy to apply. How wonderful that you built up a successful business and you are willing to help others too! Thank you!!!

 Mary Griffith


You should create an affiliate program out of this! Maximize this great stuff! I was at 200 before your guide and I'm at 1500 now, within a week. I don't think that's a coincidence. I appreciate the support my friend

 ​James Laughlin


I gained over 1,000 followers within about 10 days! I was blown away with how valuable your guide is! I honestly don't see anything missing from the guide. I love it!

Unsure If  
Instagram's For You?

  1. Almost 1 BILLION users
  2. Double the number of Twitter users
  3. Double the number of Pinterest users
  4. 20 million monthly searches on Google
  5. Almost 10 MILLION registered businesses

Instagram is for anyone serious about monetizing social media

Think You're  
Too Old For Instagram?

  1. ​Look at me! First time husband in my 40's
  2. ​First time father in my 40's
  3. ​Fir​st time home owner in my 40's
  4. First time Instagram user in my 40's
  5. ​In 12 months -70,000 total followers across 5 accounts. Now 130,000.

Instagram is for anyone regardless of how old or young

Don't Think You​ Can  
​Make Money ​On Instagram?

​I'll let these pictures show you that 100% you can monetize Instagram. And I'll show you how. 

Instagram ​has amazing potential for anyone to earn ​from. And I'll show you how

What Makes
This Guide
So Different?

You Save Money!

​You Do Not Spend To Get Followers
  • There's no upsells
  • There's no membership fees
  • There's no recurring, monthly fees
  • There's no hidden costs
  • There's no secret, expensive software you need to buy and install
  • There's no add-ons. Nothing!

​Just my proven, tested methods.

And my guaranteed results that you too can grow your accounts by 1,000's of real, targeted Instagram followers per month.

Results - On My Accounts

Here Are Some Results Of
My Landscape Photography Account

From 16,000 to 30,000 in the last 12 months

More Results - On My Accounts

Here Are ​The Results Of
My ​Black And White Photography Account

From ​0 to ​27,000 in the ​just 24 months

Results - What Can You Expect?
The Same As These Guys!

Iain you are awesome. I have seen a huge increase in my follower numbers since using the guide. I've had approximately 1000 extra genuine followers in the last 10 days thanks to you

Ja​son ​Sanderson

This method increased my followers base quite quickly.......the increase over the last week was incredible. I'm glad that I found a way to grow the account - thanks to your great tips!

Werner Kranwetvogel

​Iain, I have to be frank with you. I've been seriously reading your guide for 2 months and it's helped me a lot!! I am happy to note that my follower count has increased from 225 to 1680 in these months. My 'Likes' have also increased from 30/post to 200/post!

​Sriram Ranganathan

Introducing 'Build Instagram Big On A Shoestring Budget'

free Instagram followers

THE Ultimate
Instagram Followers User-Guide

'How It Works' and
You Get'

Module 1 - Account Setup
  • ​All about setting up your account so you attract viewers, get followers, engage followers​, increase URL clicks and build traffic. What to say, how to say it, and why.

Module 2 - Photo Bootcamp

  • Learn exactly what type of photos you should post, the order to post in, how often to post, how to increase engagement, get more likes, use your photos for sales, and all the apps to edit great pics or make your own great pics

Module 3 - Your Captions

  • Learn what to write​, how to write it, the exact formula pro copywriters use and how to use captions to boost traffic and drive sales

Module 4 - Hashtags

  • Demystify the science of hashtags and learn the hashtags you must use​​, never use, and where to find them easily.
    Plus how to get into hashtag Top Posts, get featured in big hashtag hubs and get an extra 100,000 eyes on your ​pics every time you post. ​
build instagram on a budget

Module 5 - Getting Followers

  • Over 20 tested and proven surefire methods to get real, targeted followers. For free.
    Plus the easy equation to get 1,000 followers a month on autopilot.

Module 6 - ​Making Money

  • ​​An exact look into how you can monetize your accounts. ​I'll show you every way I earn from Instagram and how I ​make ​$2,000 to $​3,000 ​every single month from Instagram alone, plus how to make daily sales like clockwork. And how you can easily copy these methods yourself.

And More
Real-Life User Reviews...

 Tim. L. Stene


Iain, I have read your guide. I love it! Your guide simplifies the nuances of Instagram. Thanks for your help, Iain.

 Ewelina Konyndyk


Right away after reading the part about tags I changed my strategy on tagging - oh I was doing it all wrong - no wonder I didn't have any results! So after reading your chapter I posted 1 post with different tags and woke up to 300 likes... it got me SO EXCITED!

Build ​​Real
Instagram ​Followers
​Just Follow ​My Steps!

free Instagram followers

How Much Will You Have To Pay?

free instagram followers
  • There are companies charging up to $157/month for this information.
    That's over $1,800 a year to boost your Instagram. Unbelievable rip-off!! I know this coz I checked most of them to see if my guide was missing anything. I would never dream of asking you to pay that!
  • I won't even ask you to pay anywhere near $1,000
  • Heck, I won't even ask you to pay $100, or even $50, or even $30!!

One Time Payment

  • With no upsells
  • No add-ons
  • No hidden costs
  • And zero ongoing fees. Just real methods for getting ​real Instagram followers.

Act Now To Get These
1-Time Bonus Offers!


Bonus 1 - Free Photography ebook

Let's face it - Instagram is a visual platform.

It's all about your images and if you have a stunning gallery with beautiful photos.........You'll get more followers. It's as simple as that. Great images will get you lots of Instagram followers. There's no question about it.

So I'm really happy to give you my free photography ebook.

I'm an international award winning photographer who has been exhibited across Asia, Europe and the US. And published in international photography magazines and online journals.

I've put together this ebook teaching you all about photography and exactly how you can get stunning photos.....

Every time! It's all yours. FREE!

free Instagram followers

Bonus 2 - All My Targeted Hashtag Sets!

​If you write a great book, and no-one reads it, what's the point?​

Worse still is if you write a great book, then don't even tell anyone about it, then complain when no-one reads it!

Of course they're not gonna read it if they don't know about it and you don't tell them!

It's ​the same with your Instagram photos. You need to advertise them to new people. And the best way to do that is by hashtags. 

But not just any old hashtags - targeted hashtags to get you the most laser-focused eyes on your pics ​so you can turn your followers to buyers. 

I have spent 100's of hours like a crazy scientist putting together over 100 hashtag sets in a whole range of niches.

Each set has 25-30 of the best, most highly researched and effective hashtags to help you get into 'Top Posts' every time. And get maximum exposure, lots more followers and lots more potential buyers. 

They​'re all yours. FREE!

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You have no need to worry about buyer's remorse or spender's guilt. Why?

If you haven't increased your followers by at least 1,000 after 30 days, I'll return your money in full. And that's ​real Instagram followers. None fake. None bought.

To be eligible for the refund® you must simply implement the steps I ask you.

And provide screenshots that you're following the information in the guide.

No more, no less.

And not only that, when I return your $17, I'll even take another look at your Instagram account
and offer you advice on how you can improve.

You literally cannot lose.

You either follow the steps in my guide and get 1,000's more Instagram followers.

Or you get your $17 back plus a coaching lesson from me

To Recap....
This Is What You Get

  • This first of its kind guide to building 1,000's of real, targeted Instagram followers​ without spending huge sums
  • A free photography ebook teaching you how to take great photos and all the gear you need for every situation.
  • Over 100 hashtag sets that will ​rocket you up the rankings and put your into Top Posts
  • An iron-clad 100% money back guarantee if you can't reach 1,000 new followers in 30 days by following my methods
  • Exclusive access to my email list and the inside information I share on monetizing Instagram and earning online

Don't Wait For
Things To Happen.....
Make Them Happen!

Below are examples of real
people who took action and
have made things happen.

They come from all walks of life but they all have one thing in common......

They have dreams of achieving something great in life and turning their passions into profit.

And they see the value and power that Instagram offers. They wanted to save money and learn how to get ​real Instagram followers, so they took action.

Hi Iain! I bought the guide because I am currently exploring Asia without a return ticket, and thought I should combine my love for travel, photography, and positive thinking in an Instagram account....

Patricia Oprea

I am a certifed NLP coach and I am trying to start my online business. I am presently a training consultant in the financial field which I really don't like even though I spent the past 25 years in finance

Chantal Bergeron

Iain, I love photography so I would like to get to the next level and see if I can make it my second job or maybe my first job.

Cate Campagnaro

Hi Iain I am a recent student of Instagram, I'm 55 and can not believe the massive scope that Instagram can deliver. I would love to increase my followers and have the ability to make an affiliate marketing future.

Dale Potts

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About the Author

Iain Stanley
​(B.A, M.Teach, Ed.D)
  • I am an award-winning photographer who was hit hard by changes to Facebook's Business Page algorithms
  • Overnight I saw my photography sales fall off a cliff and my business nosedive.
  • So I started to study Instagram. And how to get ​real Instagram followers.
  • I have a Doctor of Education (Ed.D) and am a Professor at university
  • Which means I love to learn. I love to teach. And I love helping others learn and grow.
  • Education should not be too expensive for anyone
  • Everything I learned to take me from 600 > 70,000 ​targeted Instagram followers in 12 months........... I wrote down and kept in notes.
  • And that's what I want to share with you now

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