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how to make money from affiliate marketing

​How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

If you want to know how to make money from affiliate marketing, it's first important to understand exactly what affiliate marketing is!

In today's post, you'll learn:

  • ​The meaning of affiliate marketing
  • ​How affiliate marketing works
  • Real-life examples of how you've always done affiliate marketing without k​nowing it
  • ​What you need to do affiliate marketing
  • ​How to make money from affiliate marketing

​What Is Affiliate Marketing?

how to make money from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply getting paid for recommending things online. ​

You don't necessarily own any/all of the products you recommend (though it helps), you just provide links to them, on sites like Amazon.You recommend something that you like and use and people go and buy it.

When the sale is made you get a 5-15% cut. Nice right? Almost every decent company out there now has affiliate programs you can take advantage of.

In fact it's so common these days that when I'm buying a product, one of the criteria I use if I'm tossing up between 2 options is 'which one has an affiliate program I can use?' I mean if I'm going to buy it, use it, then tell people about it, I should get paid for my recommendations, right?

This is how to make money from affiliate marketing - giving people links to products that you write about on your website, then you getting a cut of the sale. 

​'Word Of Mouth' Is Offline Affiliate Marketing

In real life terms we've been doing ​a kind of affiliate marketing forever. It's just that we haven't been getting paid for our recommendations. By going online, this is how to make money from affiliate marketing.

Think of it like this: you go out on a Saturday morning and get a new haircut. It looks absolutely fabulous and you meet your friends on Saturday night for drinks. Your friends say how unbelievably good your hair looks and ask you where you got it done

You tell them you got it cut at XXX salon so then over the next week 10 of your friends go to XXX salon and ask for haircuts. ​XXX salon absolutely loves you!

But in the real 'offline' world, does XXX Salon give you a cut of the money they're making from your 10 friends going there? Good Lord No!

how to make money from affiliate marketing

They might give you a pat on the back and a big thank you and perhaps even a Christmas card. But they keep all the money that you have given them based on your recommendations​.

Well wouldn't it be nice if you got a share of the ​money from XXX Salon for ​the 10 friends you sent to them​? That's exactly what happens with affiliate marketing. And that's how to make money from affiliate marketing.

You are simply recommending products that you vouch for and like and use. People listen to you or read your reviews on your website and then go and buy those products from the links that you provide. Once the sale is made you get a cut​, at a rate of anywhere between 5-15%.

​What You Need To Do Affiliate Marketing

how to make money from affiliate marketing

One advantage of affiliate marketing, and the most enjoyable part when you're learning how to make money from affiliate marketing, is that you can link to as many products as you like.

So if you like photography, for example, you can link to things such as cameras for beginners, lenses, tripods or filters, or editing presets from any company available that sells those products. The options are almost limitless.

But the one thing that is absolutely essential when it comes to affiliate marketing is that you must have your own website to link from.

Without a website you can't learn how to make money from affiliate marketing, coz you can't do affiliate marketing! In fact, sites such as Amazon make this one of the basic requirements.

how to make money from affiliate marketing

You can't just use your Facebook profile or Instagram or any other social media account to link to affiliate products. It's forbidden by most product hosting sites. 

Sites like Amazon use tracking to determine where visitors have come from. And if they find that they haven't come directly from your website you will not be credited for the sale, meaning you won't get any commission. 

Plus you will also be banned from being an affiliate. So having your own website is absolutely essential if you want to learn how to make money from affiliate marketing, and create an income from affiliate marketing.

​How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing - Wealthy Affiliate

how to make money from affiliate marketing

And this is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. Wealthy Affiliate is an online resource that is by far the best internet marketing training for beginners (and seasoned vets).

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the affiliate websites you need and training in setting up and optimising websites. This is the entire premise of Wealthy Affiliate - giving you the websites you need and ​helping you learn how to make money from affiliate marketing. ​

​Wealthy Affiliate is specifically designed to help you succeed with affiliate marketing. That is its sole function. Some of the things you get when you sign up (free) with Wealthy Affiliate include:

​What ​You Get With Wealthy Affiliate

  • 2 Free websites
  • live help
  • ​video walk-throughs
  • keyword research tool
  • beginner training courses
  • affiliate bootcamp course​s
  • ​affiliate program
  • earn while you learn
  • website backup
how to make money from affiliate marketing

​The ​Wealthy ​Affiliate system helps you set up ​your websites to make money from the get-go. ​

Wealthy ​Affiliate really is a one-stop shop that tells you every single thing you need to know about creating successful websites that can help you learn how to make money ​from affiliate marketing. 

​Absolutely everything you could ever wish for is there. So if you're genuinely interested in affiliate marketing, and creating a 2nd income online, and learning how to make money from affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is easily, easily your best choice. 

I can't recommend it highly enough. And it's free to get started. You don't even need a credit card! Just click this link here to learn more get started: How to make money from affiliate marketing​

​Summing Up

​Today's post on 'How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing' has shown you the basics of how ​affiliate marketing works, and what you need to do to get started.

As I said, almost every company out there these days offers affiliate programs, so why not get in on the act and get a piece of the pie? ​Two quick examples on this website here are:

> I link to my favourite Lightroom Presets for photography

> I link to AWeber - the email marketing service I use​

Sites like Amazon offer 100,000's of products you can link to. You name it, you can link to it. And get paid for it!

We've been recommending products and services to people since forever. So why not get money for doing so? You just need to set it up the right way. And Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for that.

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