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how to make money off Instagram

How To Make Money Off Instagram – Don’t Focus On Your Product

​In this post I want to show you how to make money off Instagram. But I’ll also teach you why, if you're like almost everyone else out there, you've been having no luck monetizing your Instagram account ​to this point. ​

Let’s face it, you’re here right now because you want to know how to make money off Instagram. We all do. If we have a product or service, we want to monetize it. ​Especially if it’s a passion of ours. And rightly so!

​So that's what I want to help you with today so that by the end of this post you'll not only know exactly how to make money off Instagram, but also how you can make a plan of action starting today!

how to make money off Instagram

​The 'Eyes Or The Product' Dilemma

So why do so many people not know how to make money off Instagram, in particular? What's the problem almost everyone has? And the mistake everyone makes? (including me when I first started)

I like to call it 'The Eyes Or The Product Dilemma'

And this simply relates to where you're currently focusing your Instagram monetization energies......versus where you *should be* focusing your Instagram monetization energies.

Simply put, most people focus on their product. Improving the product side of things and everything related to their product. That’s how they try to increase sales and what they revolve their Instagram accounts around. ​

​This is the big mistake people make. And most likely the mistake you're making too. 

how to make money off Instagram

​The Mistake 9.9/10 People Make

​When ​people are devising new strategies to make money off Instagram, or any social media platform, 99.999% of​ them ​look at the product side of things, and how they can tempt their current followers into buying more of it. 

They spend all their time trying to turn more of their current followers into buyers. So if they have 1/100 followers buying something from them, they try to increase the 1% of buyers. ​They try to increase the buyer numbers from 1/100 ​to 5/100. Or from 5/100 to 10/100. ​

And ​they do this by focusing all their attention on the product side of things. On stuff totally unrelated to their Instagram accounts.

I Was As Guilty As Anyone!

For example, in my case with my photography business, when I was racking my brain thinking how to make money off Instagram and Facebook etc, I put 100% of my energies into trying to improve all different things like:

  • ​my website
  • my business cards
  • my editing skills
  • my blog posts
  • my landing page
  • my choice of photos
  • ​the software I used

And every time I made some small change, I’d announce it to my (100) Instagram followers and think that I’d found the missing piece of the jigsaw. And that sales would start to increase. But it never worked. So then I’d go back and change something else (unrelated to Instagram of course). Same (lack of) results

Does this sound familiar?

​Why You'll Never Learn How To Make Money Off Instagram

When you find out you have unfollowers on Instagram it can come as quite a shock. The initial happiness of seeing your follower numbers growing is given a big kick in the bum when suddenly numbers start to decrease for seemingly no reason. "Why would people unfollow me?" you think. There are many many different reasons you might have unfollowers on Instagram but whatever they are there is only one course of action you should take. You need to unfollow them to. Why? Firstly, for the obvious reason that they have shown they are no longer interested in your account for whatever reason. But secondly, and more importantly, because Instagram only gives you 7500 people to follow. That is their rule and something that you can't change. So if you are looking to monetise Instagram and turn it into some kind of business you need to have as many people following you back as possible. There is no point getting to 7500 followers and only having 500 of your own. That means you are wasting 7000 spaces. When you follow someone you need to have them follow you back. You need to have at least a one to one ratio so that if you follow 7500 people then you should have 7500 followers in return. this should be the minimum you aim for. Of course, you need to target which kind of people you follow and target people you expect to follow you back. More on that below.

This is where your plan is backwards. And why it’s a big mistake doing it this way. You're focusing on your product (or service) And it’s why you’re not making sales and why you’ll never learn how to make money off Instagram. And why you’re eternally frustrated trying to monetize your Instagram account. Why?

What You Should Be Focusing On

You don’t need to focus on the product side of things. Whatever your product is, I trust you that it’s great. If it’s not, I can’t help you. So let’s just assume your product’s good.

No. You need to focus on the follower side of things. On Instagram, not on your product.

This was my huge ‘AHA’ moment. And from that moment everything changed coz I learned exactly how to make money off Instagram. And how to get traffic from Instagram. Consistently. Without fail.

By focusing all of my attention on building followers, and learning how to get more followers in Instagram, everything fell into place like dominoes.

This is why I call it ‘The Eyes Or The Product Dilemma’. You need to focus on getting more eyes on your product, *not* on ​building a better product.

​How To Make Money Off Instagram? Build Followers!

how to make money off instagram

Let’s go back to the 1% of buyers I discussed earlier so I can show you exactly what I mean.

Remember I said above that if 1% of your Instagram followers buys something from you, and you have 100 followers, you make 1 sale (1/100). But what happens to your sales when you simply increase your followers?

More 'Eyes' Equals More Sales!

Let’s take a look at what happens to sales numbers with more followers even though the 1% of buyers never changes:

  • 100 followers = 1 sale
  • ​1,000 followers = 10 sales
  • ​10,000 followers = 100 sales
  • ​100,000 folowers = 1,000 sales
  • 1,000,000 followers = 10,000 sales

You see where I'm going with this....?

The 1% doesn't change. Just by growing your followers, you're growing your sales.

You get 100,000 followers, you make 1,000 sales. 1,000 sales!! But it’s still just 1% of your followers.

That's all business is - increase the number of people seeing your product and you will increase your sales. Guaranteed. That’s how to make money off Instagram. Seems too simple doesn't it?

On Instagram, the people seeing your product = your followers. Increase your followers and you increase your sales. And the great thing about doing it via Instagram is that it doesn’t cost you anything to build those numbers. ​

How Do You Increase Your Followers?

how to make money off instagram

The great thing is that you can build big Instagram accounts without having to spend big. Companies, including Facebook, will try to charge you an arm and a leg to widen your reach and build your followers.

​Or other dodgy companies will try to convince you that you can just buy followers really quickly and take a massive shortcut. Don't ever do that. I've written here about why that's a really bad option

​​I chose to teach myself coz I didn't trust any of the shady 'buy followers' companies, and I didn't have a budget. ​And I developed my own system that helped me grow 5 accounts to a total of 70,000 followers in 12 months. And over 100k in 18 months. 

how to make money off instagram

You don't need to change your product, or your sales page, or the font on your business cards, or the color and copy of your website….No. You just need to get more followers on Instagram. Targeted, active followers seeing your product or service.

And the best way to do that without having to spend (or waste) ridiculous sums of money? Just copy the exact system I built myself to go from 600 > 70,000 followers in 12 months. And over 100k in 18 months.

And the same one that now guarantees me an extra $2-3k/month just from Instagram. 
There IS a way you can learn how to make money off Instagram - just copy my exact proven system!

​To learn more, just click the button below. I look forward to helping you. 

P.S If you've ever thought that ​you don't have the right kind of followers, and wondered whether it's OK to unfollow people or not, ​I've written about ​​it here; Unfollowers On Instagram - What Should You Do With Them.

P.P.S Once you have followers, ​you'll want to monetise them. ​Here, I write about
7 ways ​to earn money ​on Instagram​ and show you how I'm doing them​, and how you can too. 

get more followers in instagram

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