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unfollowers on instagram

Unfollowers On Instagram – What Should You Do with Them?

​Unfollowers on Instagram - what should you do with them? And what about people who don't follow you back? In this post you will learn:

  • why it's perfectly OK to unfollow ​your unfollowers on Instagram
  •  why you should keep track of people who follow/unfollow you
  •  why it's important who you follow/unfollow
  • ​ why you can't ignore follow/unfollow if you want to know how to earn money o​n Instagram

Unfollowers on Instagram – it's OK to unfollow back

unfollowers on instagram

When you find out you have unfollowers on Instagram it can come as quite a shock.

The initial happiness of seeing your follower numbers growing is given a big kick in the bum when suddenly numbers start to decrease for seemingly no reason. "Why would people unfollow me?" you think.

There are many many different reasons you might have unfollowers on Instagram but whatever they are there is only one course of action you should take. You need to unfollow them too. Why?

  • ​Firstly, for the obvious reason that they have shown they are no longer interested in your account for whatever reason.
  • ​But secondly, and more importantly, because Instagram only gives you 7,500 people to follow. That is their rule and something that you can't change. So if you are looking to make money off Instagram and turn it into some kind of business you need to have as many people following you back as possible.
  • There is no point getting to 7,500 followers and only having 500 of your own. That means you are wasting 7,000 spaces. When you follow someone you need to have them follow you back.
  • You need to have at least a one to one ratio so that if you follow 7,500 people then you should have 7,500 followers in return.​ Of course, you need to target which kind of people you follow and target people you expect to follow you back. More on that below.

Unfollowers on Instagram – Keeping Track

unfollowers on instagram

​In order to keep track of​ follow​ers​ and ​unfollow​ers ​on Instagram you should use a third party app that you download from the App Store.

I can't really give any recommendations right now because they change so often and Instagram's ​third-party API rule changes so often that apps are changing so often.

But any general search in the App Store for tracking followers will give you any number of choices.​

But the best part about them is that they can tell you who followed you, who unfollowed you, and who is not following you back.

That makes it easy to deal with the numbers and decide on who you want to keep and who you don't want to keep.

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Unfollowers on Instagram – ​Your Fault?

unfollowers on instagram

​Now one thing you should keep in mind is who you follow in the first place.

I mean, if you follow someone who has 30,000 followers or 2 million followers or someone famous in Hollywood the chances of them following you back are quite remote when you are first starting. Why?

Well it tends to be that people follow people on similar levels to them. People are looking for value from each other. They are looking for mutually beneficial relationships especially when it comes to business on Instagram and monetising accounts.

unfollowers on instagram

​So if you only have 200 followers and you follow someone with 25,000 followers well then you must expect that they will not follow you back. So it's best not to follow them in the first place.

Also, if someone followed you when you both had similar numbers but then for whatever reason that person became much much bigger then again, it is possible that they will unfollow​ you.

This is perfectly natural and nothing to worry about. Don't get angry or upset, coz you'll likely do it too when you grow your accounts big.  

So when you are following people in the first place make sure that they have similar numbers to you and they are people that you think have a high chance of following you back.

This will minimise the risk of people ​unfollowing you and causing you Instagram depression!

​Unfollowers On Instagram - Instagram Makes Your Choice Easy!

unfollowers on instagram

​It is always important to remember that Instagram only allows you to follow 7,500 people.

You cannot go above that number so you must choose who to follow carefully. ​

A good thing to think about is ​you should always aim to have a ratio of 1​:1 (followers:following). ​If you have a ratio of 1:4​ then people are less likely to follow you back.

​It may seem ridiculous, and childish and high school like but that is the way that Instagram works.

So follow lots of people, and if they don't follow you back within 48-72 hours, unfollow them! Instagram gives you limited space - don't waste it on people not interested in you.

And if you have unfollowers on Instagram, unfollow them too!

​Today's Takeaways

​Unfollowers on Instagram can cause people all sorts of anxiety and insecurities. Don't worry about them. The simple solution is to unfollow them too.

The only time to keep unfollowers on Instagram would be if that person is offering super value on their account and they are helping you in some way.

If not, get rid of them. So the key things to take away from today?

  1. Unfollow people who unfollow you - unless they are providing you with real value
  2. Keep track of followers and unfollowers on Instagram with Apps
  3. ​Be smart with who you follow - only follow those likely to follow you back
  4. ​Instagram only gives you 7,500 followers - use and choose them wisely.

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