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What is a shoutout

What Is A Shoutout? – And How To Get A Free One

What is a shoutout? How does it work on Instagram? And can you get a free Instagram shoutout that gets you 1,000's of 'likes' on your photo (even if you don't have many followers)?

Today I'll answer all those questions so that by the end of this post you'll know:

  • ​What is a shoutout
  •  What is an Instagram shoutout
  •  How you can shoutout for shoutouts (S4S) with other Instagram users
  •  How much shoutouts often cost on big accounts
  •  How you can get a free shoutout and get u to 2000 'likes'

What Is A Shoutout?

What is a shoutout

So what is a shoutout exactly? In a general sense, across all different social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc, a shoutout is when someone mentions you on their own account and then tells their own fans or followers to check you out and follow you too.

Shoutouts are a great way of getting your name in front of lots of new eyes and potential followers.

What's An Instagram Shoutout?

What is a shoutout on Instagram? The same as any other social media platform really. Someone (usually with a big following over 20k, for example) puts your pic up on their own profile.

Then in the caption, the say something like 'hey everyone, here is a great pic from @(yourusername) I really like how she has taken this shot. For more great shots like this go follow her @yourusername

You can imagine that if you get some shoutouts done on your pics by really big accounts in your niche, that can lead to some really big follower gains. Quickly!

Can you imagine if Beyonce gave you a shoutout? Impossible I know but you get the picture. Instant millions of followers. And massive credibility!

CanonUSA's Instagram gallery features daily shoutouts for Canon users. Just use the tag #MyCanonStory for a chance to be featured.

What is a shoutout

What Does S4S Mean?

If you've been searching for free Instagram shoutouts you might've come across the term S4S. What does this mean?

It means shoutout for shoutout.

You make contact with another Instagram user (usually in a similar niche) and agree to share each other's pics in your feed

When you post their pic in your feed you then talk about them and ask your own followers to check out their profile and give them a follow.

In return, they do the same for you. Typically, S4S only really works if:  

  • You are in the same niche
  • You have roughly the same number of followers
  • You both have followers more than at least 5,000
  • You don't mind putting another person's pic in your gallery
what is a shoutout

If you only have 250 followers, and the other person only has 250 followers, there's really no point. That's because there simply aren't enough people either side to have an impact.

Likewise, if you have 250 followers, and someone else has 25,000 followers, don't ask them for a shoutout (unless it's your best friend...)

Why? Coz S4S is reciprocal. There's gotta be something in it for both parties. The guy with 25,000 gives you a shoutout - nice for you.

You give him a shoutout.....he gets nothing back coz you only have 250 followers....

How Can Free Instagram Shoutouts Help You?

There's a good reason that so many people tell you to get shoutouts when you're trying to build your Instagram follower numbers.

Here are some of the biggest advantages and benefits you can get from free Instagram shoutouts:

  • 1,000's and 1,000's of 'Likes' on your photo
  • Your photo/acct name in front of potentially 100.000's of new eyes
  • Lots and lots of new, targeted followers without doing anything
  • The chance of getting in 'Top Posts' section for a hashtag
  • If 30 hashtags are used, that's 30 chances of getting in 'Top Posts' - potentially millions of new eyes on your photo/account
  • Use the results for marketing purposes - promote yourself
  • Reach out to brands and show them your results - that's how you become a brand ambassador

All of these things are very real. And you can potentially get them all without doing absolutely anything. Because someone else is promoting you.

You just sit back and collect the results. Happy days! If only it were that easy.........

Free Instagram Shoutouts - How To Get Them

It's a kind of a catch-22, right?

Everyone tells you to get shoutouts to gain followers on Instagram.

But the rules and conventions of shoutouts say that unless you have lots of followers, you can't really do S4S.

And if you want to get a shoutout on a really big account, you have to pay a small fortune. According to the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK, accounts with more than 3,000 followers can charge up to $75 for a shoutout. So how do you get a shoutout on a big account if you're only just starting out, without having to pay?

That's where I can help you!

​Shoutouts come thick and fast when you have lots of followers. Everyone wants to do mutual shoutouts with accounts that have a lot of followers. when I had less than 1,000 followers, I couldn't get anyone to do shoutouts with me, or give me shoutouts.

Then when my account went up over 10,000 followers, then 20,000 followers, then 30,000 followers, I started getting DMs every day asking about shoutout deals. Now I'm fighting them off.

So if you want to get shoutouts and all the benefits they offer, then get my guide to building Instagram followers free and fast.

You can access it here and see how I built my accounts up to a total of 130,000 and counting.

Free Instagram Shoutouts - Results

Here are some examples and results of shoutouts I've given to guide buyers. The first below shows how my shoutout helped get exposure to 800,000 targeted people.

What is a shoutout

The second is on my black and white account. Results are circled in red.

What is a shoutout

The final result comes from my colour photograhy account

What is a shoutout

What Is A Shoutout? Conclusion

In today's post about 'What Is  A Shoutout' you've learned the following things:

  • What is a shoutout
  • What is an Instagram shoutout
  • How you can do shoutout for shoutout (S4S) with Instagram users
  • How you can get free Instagram shoutouts

So if you think you'd like a shoutout on one of my accounts (I cover all niches) and you'd like the same results as above....

Just click this link here to learn about ​growing your account and starting on the road to free shoutouts. .

I really look forward to helping you with a free Instagram shoutout and helping you grow your Instagram accounts big - without spending money!

Then once you start growing your accounts, you can learn how to start making money from them - which I've written about here in this post.

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  • Ade says:

    Was looking for ways to increase my followers online and stumbled upon this post. Actually, never heard about S4S before, on Instagram. I don’t utilize Instagram right now, but when I do, I’ll definitely make note of that.

    I have a question I think you may be able to respond to. Is the S4S concept the same on Twitter? I know Twitter has follow for follow. What about when a random brand account mentions or retweets one of your tweets (also a brand account)? It’s difficult for me to see sometimes if it is a marketing strategy for reciprocal mention/retweet/likes, or if they genuinely just liked my tweet.


    • Iain Stanley says:

      Thanks Ade. Regarding your question on Twitter shoutouts, or S4S, I’m afraid I can’t really help you there. I don’t use Twitter too much. Many people say you should spread yourself across various social media platforms but I’ve gone the other way. Instagram gives you 5 accounts on 1 phone to use, so instead of having 1 account on 5 different social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Snapchat, I have 5 account on Instagram I really focus on. Which means I haven’t really explored the others too much, and don’t really know much about the culture there I’m sorry.

  • Will says:

    I’ve been looking on more information on how to do a shout out on Instagram and you explained it very well. I was always skeptical on the power a shout out had as well but you showed results as well so thank you for your informative post. Now I have to go make an Instagram and start my journey building a following.

    • Iain Stanley says:

      No problem Will, happy to help. Instagram shoutouts can be very powerful, or a complete waste of money. It just depends on who is doing them, so it pays to do your homework. Instagram is really king at the moment in my opinion so if you’re looking for some help building an Instagram profile from scratch to 1,000’s, I recommend taking a look at my guide – coz that’s exactly what I did. You can access the guide here Build Your Instagram Account

  • Roopesh says:

    Absolutely beautiful stuff. I have just touched the surface of Instagram marketing.

    I can see that you are definitely light years ahead of me.This post of yours really got me all excited and I can see now, why so many folks use Instagram. It can be pretty powerful stuff if you know what you are doing.

    I am definitely signing up for your online course. Just one question, once I get a decent enough of followers, would you be able to help me out with a ‘shoutout.’


  • Kenneth B says:

    Great job on your website. I like how you have it laid out, your pictures were cool and there was a lot of informative information. There are many of people that look for information regarding this topic and I know they will receive a lot of knowledge from reading your page. Great job!

    • Iain Stanley says:

      Thanks Kenneth. A shoutout isn’t always a shoutout on Instagram, so you need to be wary of what people are really offering, and what the actual results will be. I have given 100’s of shoutouts to people on my Instagram accounts, with some getting over 4,000 likes from real, active Instagram users. I’m glad you found the article useful.

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