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what is the digital altitude about

What Is The Digital Altitude About | And Why A Lawsuit’s Ongoing

What is the Digital Altitude about? And does it work? As an ex-member of 18 months I'll give you the short answer.

No. As of February, 2018 its assets have been frozen as it faces a lawsuit. All marketing links have been invalidated and money is neither going in or out.

For people who've invested, these are tough times. ​

So let's just dig a little further ​and see what Digital Altitude is about and how and why it's all gone so wrong.

What Is The Digital Altitude About?

When ​the creators like Michael Force describe the Digital Altitude Aspire business system the most common words they throw out there are 'done-for-you system', or 'totally automated system', or 'completely hands-off'......

Or they describe how you don't have to do anything, and how this amazing Aspire Digital Altitude business system does all the work on your behalf......

Well that all sounds well and dandy, but what exactly does 'everything' mean? And what exactly does 'done for you' mean?

So that's precisely what I want to explain for you today. And show you how these claims, in reality, are total nonsense. ​

And that the 'system' is inherently flawed by its very own definition.

So let's go through step by step what the Digital Altitude is about​.

This Is What They Say The Digital Altitude System Does For You

what is the digital altitude about
.......leaving you to pretty much sit back and collect the commissions.......

 I will list what creators ​says when they're asked what is the Digital Altitude about below, then go through each point in more detail and explain how it's pulling your leg.

  1. The Digital Altitude Aspire business system does all of the product creation for you (read more about the ​less than stellar products here)
  2. It builds the capture pages that collect your emails for you
  3. Then it creates the sales pages that your leads watch after they've opted in
  4. It sends all the email follow-ups to your leads for you
  5. And it puts your leads in contact with million-dollar coaches who work with them 1-1 (read more about the Digital Altitude salesmen/coaches here)
  6. The Digital Altitude Aspire business system also enables the coaches to sell the products for you
  7. And it welcomes your leads in to its Facebook pages and social media groups for you
  8. It offers you 24/7 support for when you get stuck with anything
  9. It provides daily and weekly training calls for you by the company's highest earners

So what's left for you to do? Collect the commissions of course!!

Now let's go through each step one by one. And debunk the myths of what the Digital Altitude is about.

The Digital Altitude Products

what is the digital altitude about

In brief, the Digital Altitude products are promoted as educational marketing materials that help any online or offline business.

They enable you to understand how to earn online, and how to build an income around your passions so that, among other things, you have the opportunity to:

  • quit your 9-5
  • add an extra stream of income to life if you don't want to quit your job
  • spend more time doing things in life you love
  • spend more time with family and friends
  • make money from what you love doing most in life

The​ problem is, the products suck. No-one uses them, and they offer ​very little value. There's short little videos that offer horribly generic advice that a search in a dictionary would come up with. 

​How does that specifically help you and your business and give you actionable steps to implement? It doesn't.

Fortunately, I was in an amazing team with amazingly hard workers. Everyone pooled their resources and came up with materials and ideas that helped with our various business interests.Without this team I would have been a lame duck. So I got lucky there. 

But absolutely nothing came from the ​Digital Altitude suite iof educational materials. In short, they're barely worth $200, let alone the price of $2,000 that they ask at the RISE level. 

Digital Altitude Builds The Capture Pages For You


To succeed in any business, you need to build an email list. In order to build an email list, you need something called a capture page, or landing page. And before you build it, you have to think about:

  • design
  • colours
  • font
  • grammar
  • how many words
  • where to place your forms
  • which forms (name, email etc) to use
  • graphics

If you've never done it before, it can be an incredible headache and something really, really stressful.

However, you need not fear, because the Digital Altitude Aspire business system takes care of all that for you. ​Remember, what is the Digital Altitude about? Making your life easy! 

​Errrrr, maybe not.......

What is the Digital Altitude About

The coaches, in reality, are nothing more than salespeople. The calls you do are a joke. They last about 5 minutes and then your Digital Altitude 'coach'/salesman opens up another step (bringing you ever closer to D-Day - or their payday.) 

Enter your text here...

There's only one problem. Or a couple actually. Well let's be honest, there's a shitload of them. 

The first problem is that the message on the capture page, used to 'capture' email addresses, is a flat out lie - hence the current lawsuit.

'6 Steps To 6 Figures In 90 Days' .....Sounds good doesn't it?

Slight problem here, Michael. I don't know a single soul new to online marketing out of 100's in my team who made 5 figures in 90 days. Most barely made 3 figures. 6 figures??

The 2nd problem is 2-fold. Part 1 is that everyone who joins Digital Altitude gets access to their resources. Cool. But, err, doesn't that mean everyone is then sending out the same resources across webland asking for signups?

Yep. The solution? Make your own. The problem? Part 2. Digital Altitude doesn't cover that. So now you gotta stump up more money to create something unique from software totally unrelated to DA.

But didn't I pay for Digital Altitude to do all the work for me.......?Isn't that what my $2,000 was for at RISE level? Yeah, but.........

So now I'm saddled with resources that lie, and don't work coz of their ubiquity. 

AND I have to learn how to do stuff that I paid DA to do for me.And pay extra for it. Thanks....You need an endless money pit! Digital Altitude Aspire Business System 1 The Digital Altitude Sales PageSo what is the Digital Altitude about in terms of its done-for-you sales pages?If you believe the hype, the sales page is where all the magic happens. It's where Michael Force, the Digital Altitude founder, outlines absolutely everything about the system, like:

  • what it is
  • how it works
  • how it can work for you
  • how it's all set up
  • how you can get going

This is where most of your sales will come from (hence it being the sales page....)

If you don't have a good sales page, and well made sales video, you can kiss your chance of profits goodbye.

Digital Altitude's sales pages sucked. So I may as well have kissed a frog.

​Your leads will enter their email into the capture page (either the DA one that lies, or the one you made yourself after paying extra to learn how to do it).

Then they will automatically be taken to the sales page. Digital Altitude has 8 different Sales Pages to choose from.

If they only had one, like almost every other online system, everyone would be promoting the same thing from the same page!!

what is the digital altitude about

Thankfully DA had more than one to choose from. Sadly, they were all shit.

Most people (again) used sales pages from outside DA, like one from Mack Mills. He charged about $97/mo for that. 

Huh? Another $97/mo? But didn't I buy the Digital Altitude system coz everything was included? Yes. But everything was crap. So you have to look elsewhere. And pay more.

Pre-Written Email Follow Ups Sent Out For You

So what is the Digital Altitude about in terms of email follow ups?

Quite simply, they're all done for you. Written for you. Formatted for you. Graphics added for you. Coded for you with your own affiliate link embedded.

As soon as someone signs up they will automatically be placed into a 13 message/13 day autoresponder sequence set up for you (not by you).

These messages are written by copywriters employed by Digital Altitude.

For 13 days, your leads will automatically be sent messages explaining Digital Altitude and what it's about.

There's a certain theme here that I guess you're getting used to by now. But let's run with it anyway....

The problem with the emails that are sent out for you? They're terrible. They don't convert. They lead to lots of unsubscribes and often harsh replies from people who you've 'captured'

The solution? You guessed it!! Get your own email marketing software service. Free? No. Well you can use MailChimp but that's inherently flawed. So I went with AWeber.

Add another monthly bill to my costs. Sure why not!

what is the digital altitude about email follow ups

So you do have access to weekly email swipes written for you that you can load into your email sequence and continue sending out.

But they're a surefire way to have prospects running for the hills. So you start writing your emails yourself. How? By spending time learning the craft.

But wait, didn't I pay Digital Altitude to take care of that for me? Isn't that included in the package? Yessir. But you prolly don't wanna use them if you're hungry for success. Coz they flat out suck.

So now I'm paying for yet more software. And I'm paying with my time to learn the flamin' software.

I started with Digital Altitude to find another source of income so I could retire early. Wasn't that the promise?

Now I'm spending double/triple/quadruple money. And I've got zero free time!


The Aspire Digital Altitude Business System Coaches

Digital Altitude Coaches

So now the coaches. When I signed up I thought 'how awesome is this?' You get 1-1 coaches to guide you through.

They guide you through alright. All the way to the time you punch in your credit card number. Then they disappear. Funny that.

​Then they write some notes on the prospects to the tune of 'will buy/won't buy'.

They're simply interested in doing what they can to get their 20% commission. They're not 'coaching' at all. They're selling. Nothing more, nothing less. 

​When you go into a clothes store, the assistant doesn't 'coach' you in regards to jeans and top. She explains and sells. As do the Digital Altitude coaches. 

​The gravy train has derailed. And the courts have entered the picture.....

what is the digital altitude about

From the first coach, you simply go through a series of other coaches who take you through the sales process. Trumped up as 'coaching'​. 

You're not able to start promoting your links until you've been through all the steps with your scale up coach.


​The Digital Altitude Coaches Do The Selling For You

Part of the attraction of signing up with Digital Altitude for me was the idea that the Digital Altitude 'coaches' did all the 'selling' for me.

In theory, this is a brilliant idea. Noone likes asking people for money, no matter how great a product you might have.

So if someone else can do it for me, awesome.

The problem? The tactics the coaches used to do the 'selling'. The aggression, the sarcasm, the pressure, the hurry-up strategies, the 'fear of missing out' strategies, the lying regarding potential money......

Once I knew that was going on, I was far less comfortable with being part of Digital Altitude, and the pressure calls from coaches were one of the biggest reasons I stopped associating myself with it altogether.  ​

Digital Altitude On Facebook

what is the digital altitude about facebook

Whatever level you're at with Digital Altitude, there is a Facebook group for you.

There is also the main Digital Altitude Facebook group. It is almost 1​8,000 strong now and every day it congratulates all the people having success with this system.

​Think about that! Almost 18,000 people associated with Digital Altitude. That's great marketing. And a lot of disappointment and anger considering the reality and the current lawsuit......

And another deceptive practice I didn't like was the way they congratulated members who'd made daily sales. 

​Let's say someone made an ASCEND sale for $10,000. the congratulatory message would say "Hey great work Bob, another $6,000 commission. Except it wasn't $6,000 for Bob at all. It was only ever $2,500 with the way commissions were set up. 

​Just another bit of deceit to add on. 

​The Digital Altitude Training Calls And Daily Calls

Digital Altitude Products - Calls

One of the parts that was trumpeted as hugely valuable and a massive plus for paying members was ​the ongoing access you ha​d to all types of daily and weekly calls from successful members sharing their knowledge. 

Every single morning there was a variety of different calls you c​ould access and listen to. They ​were also available as podcasts, or on itunes for download.

​Again, in theory, this was a great idea. But in practice in became quickly apparent this was also a waste of time. Why?

​Well firstly, do you honestly think that the big dogs up top making all the commissions are going to share whatever they were doing with people who weren't in their downline? Of course not. Half the time because it was dodgy practice, and also coz it would mean more competition for them 

​And secondly, if they DID offer access into their secrets, they would ask you to pay for it. Via memberships or downloads or yada yada yada. More money. 

​So these calls became pretty useless pretty quickly. Like everything else in this 'done for you business system'

what is the digital altitude about

What Is The Digital Altitude About? Offering Minimal Benefit For Maximum Price

So we come back to the original question from this post - What is the Digital Altitude about?

And we come back to the original answer - a total 'done for you' system that is almost completely automated for from start to finish.

​That doesn't work from top to bottom. And is now in the courts under legal investigation​.

​Digital Altitude isn't the first of its kind like this. And it won't be the last. I wouldn't be surprised if members of the Digital Altitude top office disappeared for a while and reappeared with a 'new system' to rock the internet bla bla bla....  

Are there any alternatives? Yes! Absolutely!

​If you're looking for an honest, transparent way to earn online and learn about monetizing your passions, then I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for over 3 years now. I was with WA before I joined Digital Altitude and kept my WA membership throughout that time simply coz I knew how good it was and I didn't want to let it go.

I got greedy with Digital Altitude and thought it was everything it promised. It wasn't, obviously. But Wealthy Affiliate doesn't make such ridiculous promises and doesn't employ any dodgy tactics at all.

It's free to join, you don't even need a credit card, and it overdelivers in every single way.

So if you want to get started online with a real, true, safe company that has been around for years and years and is still getting stronger every single week, check out Wealthy Affiliate here.

I won't make the same mistake of looking elsewhere again. And I hope you learn from my mistakes and start with the best ones first.

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